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The Egyptian Antiquities Ministry carried the statue of the Pharaonic king Ramses II to settle in his new final location in the lobby of the Grand Egyptian Museum during a ceremony in which he played military music.

The 3200-year-old statue was placed at the site of the first visitors to the Grand Museum, which is due to open in part this year in the Giza Pyramids.
The military music played the process of moving the statue, sculpted from pink granite and weighed 83 tons, about 12 meters high, up to a distance of about 400 meters, used a truck dragging very slowly two large vehicles with a metal frame specially designed for this purpose.
This statue was in front of the temple of Ptah in the city of Manf – Saqqara now – and now returned to do the same role to protect the culture and art at the top of the lobby of the Grand Museum.
He added that the cost of transporting the statue amounted to about 13.6 million Egyptian pounds, or equivalent to about 800 thousand US dollars, including the work of strengthening and insulation and packaging of the statue to protect him in addition to paving and processing of a special road to bear the weight of his weight.
The new museum, which will include rare treasures, including the treasures of young King Tutankhamun, is still under construction for 16 years at a cost of more than $ 1 billion and is due to open entirely in 2022.
The statue was first moved more than 3,000 years ago from the Aswan quarries in southern Egypt to the city of Memphis, the capital of unified Egypt at the time, (now buried dead) south of Cairo to settle in front of the temple of Ptah. The Italian archaeologist Giovanni Cavellia discovered it in 1820 And tried to move him to Italy but could not because of the heavy weight of the statue.
The late Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser issued a decision in 1955 to transfer him to the field of “Bab al-Hadid” in Cairo, which became known as the famous “Ramses” field, and was transferred again in 2006 to preserve the exhaust of cars to settle in its current location in the lobby of the Grand Egyptian Museum
King Ramses II, known as Ramses the Great, ruled Egypt for 68 years from 1279 to 1213 BC and is believed to have lived until he was 90 years old, leaving many traces of his name scattered throughout the country.
The ministry plans to transfer 43 large royal statues from the Egyptian Museum to the Grand Museum.
Greetings very much
Mohamed Hassan Abdel Fattah
Director of Archaeological Documentation
Ministry of Antiquities

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  1. El Dr. Khaled Anany, ministro de Antigüedades, y el Dr. Mostafa Waziry, Secretario General del Consejo Supremo de Antigüedades, quienes nos dieron acceso al nuevo museo han declarado su satisfacción por la vuelta del flujo de turistas españoles a Egipto rodeados de ambiente de estabilidad

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